On August 15, the Chamber Wellness Program launched the popular workplace wellness challenge, 10K/DAY!  This four-week walking program encourages participants to take at least 10,000 steps a day.  10K/DAY boasts 800+ participants in the Pocatello community, and I am one of them.


Since 10K/DAY started, I have been wearing a pedometer on my beltline and logging steps on the newly created website.  Despite the fact that I am the 10K/DAY program manager, I certainly learned a few things during this first week!  I want to share what I learned about the experience so far.


Intentionality: this is the number one indicator of whether or not I meet my 10,000 steps a day goal.  Like many other folks, I spend six or more hours of every work day in front of a computer.  Now granted, I generally consider myself an active, even athletic person.  Every evening I go for a walk on the Greenway or around the neighborhood with my dog and husband.  I go hiking and am even training for a road race.


This could not have prepared me for the abysmal result on my pedometer at the end of the work day.  Some days it was as little as 900 steps!  This reality check let me know that if I was going to reach my goal, I needed to make an intentional effort.


To do this, I used my existing resources to incorporate walking throughout the entire day.  I park my car at the far end of the lot.  For bathroom breaks, I walk to the farthest restroom on my floor.  When I run errands, I walk across the street or down a few blocks instead of moving my car.  And I don’t even think about skipping my dog walks or runs on busy days.


Surprisingly, this intentional effort is all it took for my pedometer to read a number I can be proud of.  My best day so far was 14,339 steps, and both my body and mind are thanking me.  Walking and moving more throughout the day has created better productivity and energy for me, and the best part is that I am experiencing this alongside hundreds of others in our community!



By Rachel Ewing, RD

Portneuf Health Care Foundation




Idaho State Journal

August 24, 2014



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