Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI)

BMI Range (kg/m2)

Below 18.4

18.5 - 24.9

25 - 29.9

30 - 34.9

35 - 39.9

Above 40

BMI Category

Under weight

Appropriate weight


Obese: Class I

Obese: Class II

Obese: Class III

What is BMI?


BMI stands for Body Mass Index.  It does not represent body fat percentage.  BMI combines weight and height into a score that represents how much mass the body takes up in space.  This score corresponds with underweight, appropriate weight, or overweight.


However, BMI is always used in combination with other diagnostic tools.  BMI cannot diagnose underweight or overweight because the calculation does not discern body composition such as water, bone, organ tissue, muscle, and body fat.


BMI is only appropriate for adults, and does not work well for particularly muscular individuals or the elderly.

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