Try to sit down on the floor and then rise up to standing position without using your limbs.  Start with ten points.  Every time you use a limb (hand, knee, forearm, or hand on the knee, etc.) subtract one point.  If you can sit down and stand up without assistance, you keep your 10 points.



Sitting down and standing up without using your limbs shows that you're not only strong enough to support your body but flexible, too.  Reduced muscle power and loss of balance can greatly increase the risk of dangerous falls, especially for the elderly.  This test is used by many health care professionals with their elderly patients to determine their risk of falls and mortality.


A researcher named Dr. Claudio Gil Araujo found that people who scored fewer than eight points on the test were twice as likely to die within the next six years compared with those who scored a nine or ten.  Those who scored three or fewer points were more than five times more likely to die within the six years.




To live longer, you've got to get moving and maintain your strength and flexibility.  I encourage you to test yourself, but also think about your aging parents and grandparents.  Especially if you notice someone frequently losing their balance, it is important to determine if they are indeed at risk for falling.

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