Press your palms together like you're praying.   Raise your arms to shoulder-height with your elbows up and wrists facing the floor. Invert your hands so that the backs of your hands touch and your fingers point towards the floor.  Press the backs of your hands together for 10 seconds.




If you experience tingling or numbness, it's a sign you could have carpal tunnel syndrome.




If you suspect you might have carpal tunnel syndrome, see your doctor.


Determine if you are at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome.  Do you spend a lot of time doing activities that involve repetitive hand or wrist movement?  Do you use vibrating equipment like sanders or power tools or do you drive big trucks?


You can reduce your risk and pain or weakness in your hands in a few ways.  Be physically active, maintain a healthy weight, avoid smoking, and control health problems like diabetes, to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.  If you use a computer often, set up your work station ergonomically and use proper body mechanics.  Most importantly, take frequent breaks to move around, stretch, change positions, and alternate with a new activity.


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A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body.


Proverbs 14:30

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