For this test, you need a friend and a ruler.  Sit in a chair with your friend standing next to you.  Have the friend hold the ruler at the 12-inch end, suspending it in the air next to you.  Hold your index finger and thumb just below the end of the ruler, without touching it.  When your friend drops the ruler, catch it with your finger and thumb.


Look at the inch measurement where you caught it (7 inches, 10 inches, etc.).  You can practice and see your reaction time improve by comparing the inch measurement where you catch the ruler at.



People with the slowest reaction times were 25% more likely to die younger than their speedier counterparts.  Slow reactions may be from inactivity and lack of physical reinforcement for the nervous system.  Being slow to react may also be linked to the deterioration of the nervous system.




Be physically active and do activities that require a quick reflex.  Most sports where something is flying through the air towards you (tennis, ping pong, basketball, baseball, football, etc.) are a fantastic way to keep your nervous system in shape.  Also, mental reaction time can be improved with brain-trainer games like the ones on Lumosity.

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A peaceful heart leads to a healthy body.


Proverbs 14:30

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